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Walkable™ Apps: Experience a Human-Centered Internet

Introducing Walkable™ apps, a new kind of software. Walkable™ apps all work together, and people are allowed to add whatever new features they want. And it's always under the user's control.

For software that connects people, that's a powerful combination that has never existed before. In general, multi-user platforms are silos, tightly controlled and barely connected to the rest of the user's computing world. The exceptions to that, the open platforms like email, end up heavily constrained by ecosystem factors. As a result, we've all had to live with software issues we were powerless to address.

Until now.

With the new Walkable™ application platform, developers can deliver freedom and power to their users, and users get the benefits. Autonomy, privacy, and seamless integration, at last.

The initial app suite will focus on community information sharing and knowledge management. People are encouraged to build out from that core and provide highly-customized features. Some of the best candidates for early adoption will be any group that shares information in a spreadsheet, shared document, mailing list, or group chat. If you've found these techniques growing increasingly cumbersome, even painful, Walkable™ apps may be the answer.

The system is currently in closed beta. This is new software. Security and reliability always take time. This is still an experimental system. It is not yet ready for important or sensitive data.

What’s Great About Walkable™ Apps:

Recording from DWebCamp 2023

This talk by project founder, Sandro Hawke, explains some of the motivations and technology behind this work. It does not directly cover the Walkable™ apps system. You may want to open slides in another window and open video in another window.